The Story of Avicted



Avicted is a clothing brand for Men and Women and was established in New York. The City of Style and Trendsetters. Clothing is not just worn to cover a person’s body. Clothing enhances the way you look and expresses your individuality. Therefore we are inspired to create men and women clothing that is an instant attention grabber and conversation starters.

Clothing is a great way to express yourself and be different. Clothing is a lifestyle and if your wondering what’s the definition of ‘AVICTED’ well its simple. Using clothes to express yourself and your individuality. We don’t dress according to other people’s standard and neither should you.



Our Vision is to not worry about tomorrow for we work in the moment because you can hurt your present by pondering over the past and worrying about the future. We ask ourselves two simple questions. One, What do we want now? And Two, If we saw our clothing in a store window, would we buy it?



What does it mean to be AVICTED?To be Avicted is to not let yourself be taken, to Express your individuality and if you can’t find the opportunity, create it yourself.


Be a leader, not a follower and don’t be what others expect of you because you’ll lose sight of who you truly are. The Avicted Way allows the individual to be made visible and live unrestricted. The Avicted Way allows everyone to be themselves because Expression Matters.


We Thank You for your support. Remember, this is your brand also and you are part of it, so welcome aboard and share the motivational wear because Expression Matters.

For more information on how to become Avicted and unlock your potential get "The Avicted Way" Book on


   Avicted – 7 Keys to Succeed


A- Attitude

   V- Visualize

  I- Interest

       C- Confidence

T- Target

E- Excited

     D- Dedication


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